What is Cold Pressed juice?

Making cold pressed juice is a 2 step process. Step 1 is to cold grind the fruit and vegetables into a pulp. Step 2 uses a two ton hydraulic juice press to squeeze the enzymes, minerals, and nutrition out of the pulp, creating non-oxidized juice! Maine Juice Co. uses a Goodnature X-1 or Norwalk to cold press all juices.


Is Maine Juice Co. truly raw or artificially treated like most juices (HPP, heat, UV)?

Our cold-pressed juice is 100% organic and truly raw (not treated with heat or pressure to create an artificial shelf-life), meaning 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients stay intact! We prefer to press it freshly every single day for you rather than create an artificial month-long (or more) shelf life.

What is in your cold pressed juice?

Our juice contains only organic cold pressed produce. No water, fillers or added sugars. In special juices we may add CBD, cinnamon, maca or other superfoods to enhance the outcome of the product.

How much notice do I need for my order?

We will always try to accommodate, but since we do fill up fastwe typically require a full 40 hours notice for home delivery or retail pick-up. However, our juices are mostly stocked at out retail location at 129 Spring St. Portland, ME! We offer 100% organic smoothies, bowls, juices, and more. Our grab and go section is great!

Does Cold-Pressed Juice Have Fiber?

Juicing does remove the insoluble fiber from vegetables and fruit. However, the soluble fiber still stays in there! And while fiber is a pivotal part of a healthy diet, getting rid of all the insoluble fiber simply allows the body to better absorb health-promoting phytonutrients like enzymes. By removing the insoluble fiber and consuming fruits & vegetables in liquid form, we’re actually giving our bodies a nutrient delivery system that lets people who would otherwise have difficulty consuming the amount of whole vegetables we need to be healthy the opportunity to reap the benefits produce has to offer.

Don’t let the fibernaysayers thwart you! Replacing even just one little meal a day with juice will keep your colon clean and your system running swelly and healthy!

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Sea salt is a high quality mineral that actually helps regulate blood pressure, and just like processed sugar and naturally occurring sugar from fruit, sea salt should never be compared to table salt.

Table salt is a highly processed food ingredient that either comes from the sea or salt mines. Table salt is then refined and heated at very high temperatures which alters the molecular structure so that it is no longer compatible with human physiology. The temperatures can be so high in the processing that it could negatively affect the mineral content, which is one of the vital reasons you need salt in your diet to begin with.

When you add iodine to salt, it is generally a lower grade iodine, which does not absorb as effectively as the naturally occurring iodine in plant based foods.

Maine Juice Co. only uses high quality, low heat sea salt